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  • Feast on blue plaid for Labor Day. Gorgeous food choices include pizzas, olives, chips, deviled eggs, watermelon wedges and avocado salads.

    Labor Day food idea. Fresh watermelon and gulf shrimp make a succulent and tasty appetizer for an end of summer party!

    Inviting BBQ table with quilt tablecloth and rustic flower bouquets. Fresh fruit is used as part decoration part food offering!

    Create a magical display for your guests with twinkly lights and some old wine barrels! A quiet Labor Day retreat to celebrate the end of summer.

    All of your sandwich elements on a skewer. Bread and cheese cut in star shapes for a great Labor Day look.

    Serve up a fresh dessert on Labor Day with patriotic theme. Ripe berries served in white chocolate dipped ice cream cone instead of a boring bowl!

    Conversation dessert for Labor Day gathering. Displayed on doily atop beaded accent glass cake stand.

    Rustic dresser and wooden crate set the scene for backyard Labor Day bbq.

    A carefree picnic table setting for Labor Day with floral bouquet centerpiece, votive, and mason jar glass. Red and white checkered cloth layered with blue and white bordered runner.

    Cheerful tablescape inspiration for Labor Day on distressed table has smart navy and white dishes with striped menus at each setting. Colorful centerpiece and blue glass bottles add to the appeal.

    Tasty cupcakes dressed up for Labor Day picnic. Chocolate frosting is decorated with sprinkles for the coal, black icing for grill grates, and red candy pieces for hot dogs.

    Homemade mac 'n cheese makes a popular dish to share at potluck. Crunchy breadcrumb topping seals the deal!

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