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    Tiffany the girl boss at Fizzy Party wanted to celebrate the five year anniversary of her business in style! This summer she hosted a tropical craft night at Opal 28 in Portland. Guests had a blast at this pineapple themed party where they ate, played games, enjoyed a DIY project and went home with a cool VIP swag bag. I designed the save-the-date, invitation, plates from Create UR Plate, temporary tattoo gifts, menu/drinks signs, pillows from Shutterstock and more!

    5 Photos in Project

    An inspiring and colorful party for kids of all ages. Check out the Picasso Art Party Plan for a complete guide to create this fun-filled party!

    DIY wreath made with dollar store frames is a sensible décor idea for anniversary party. Popular burlap bow adds style.

    Brighten your path with these lanterns. Fold old book pages into little bags. Inside place a flickering candle to produce a golden glow.

    Make your meal a page turner by gluing pages of old books into a table covering for a wooden table. Above, pace white plates with silver trimmings to match your silverware and silver candle in the middle. Tie a few tiny flower buds to your napkins with a ribbon to add a country charm.

    Grant each team with a fun treasure map filled with easy riddles. Don’t forget to give each team a colorful paper bag to hold all their treasure hunt clues.

    Allow your guests scavenge through your backyard's treasure hunt by surprising them with these lady bug critters made out of gulf balls and paint.

    These strobing lanterns use clear flat-sided marbles to bedazzle these mason jars. A vibrant blue light is sealed with a lid before casting its breathtaking diamond design.

    Add a creative twist to your centerpiece at your next dining event by placing a candle on top of an upside down wine glass. The wine glass holds a yellow bud in place amid a mirror plate, revealing a beautiful 360 floral image.

    Adds some creativity and sophistication to the traditional cotton candy treat by spinning toasted sugar around a white stick. This delicious treat glimmers in the light and tastes delicious thanks to the raspberry extract added to the recipe.

    These captivating celestial décor are both breathtaking and easy to make. All you need are Styrofoam balls, glitter, and gold spray painted toothpicks.

    Goth and glamour have never looked better until the rhinestones and black paint are pulled out at a Halloween event. This black beauty illuminates the room with it’s silver stem and glittering rhinestones placed in a chandelier design.

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