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  • Transform your cake pops into elegant ballerina slippers. Cover your white covered cake pops with pink fondant, leaving a V formation in the front and pink icing laces.

    Surprise your friends with 3 dimensional ballet invitation by creating a ballet uniform out of paper and a piece of pink tulle. Simply glue it in the middle of a piece of thing cardboard paper with your party's details.

    Adorn your table of dessert delectable by creating three layers of tutu garland. Simply take numerous pink tulle and ribbon tutus and hang on a string with clothes pins.

    Disguise fresh strawberries by dressing them with pink white chocolate. Add a variety of elegant designs on top by drizzling pink or white white chocolate, golden edible crystals, or golden pearls. Perfect for a ballerina themed birthday party.

    Disguise ding dong hostess cakes by enrobing each one in white chocolate and drizzling them with pink icing in a back and forth formation. Enclose them in a clear bulb cake tray while resting on a bed of pink doilies.

    Celebrate the sugar plum fairies by featuring a pink/white polka dotted wall holding a pair of ballerina shoes framed by an elegant wooden frame. Commemorating the winter Nutcracker spirit, surround your ballerina shrine with glitter snowflakes, a glitter Dance sign, and a bouquet of pink and white roses on the table.

    Dress your utensil into pink ballerinas by taking pink plastic utensils and adorning them with pink/white polka dotted paper cupcake holders as skirts. Tie a hot pink ribbon at the neck of the utensil to keep your fork's tutu in place.

    Jump for joy for these ballerina cookies covered in pink and white frosting. Personalize each cookie by piping elegant designs and the birthday girl's name.

    Dress soda pop bottles with miniature tutus using light pink tulle and a pink ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle. Insert a polka dotted pink and white straw for easy slurping.

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