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  • Event: Cajun & Creole
  • Wonderful summertime pizza. Goat cheese, okra, shrimp, tomatoes, brie and mozarella. Topped off with creole seasoning.

    Classic spiced conch swims in garlic and lemon filled sauce. Onions, shallots, garlic cloves and tomatoes are key in this Creole dish. Soak up the rest with crunchy bread.

    Bright red chicken and shrimp dish. This spicy pasta is a cajun creole winner. Throw in some chopped black olives for a surprising taste.

    Spicy sausage, shredded chicken and white rice slow cooked in broth for a hot savory stew. Sprinkled with black beans and green onions.

    Classic hearty everyday dish. Savory white rice with creamy red beans, chopped vegetables and meat.

    Saucy shrimp stew with green onions, red beans and white rice. Creole seasoning does the trick. Served with a side of buttery bread.

    Tasty chicken, shrimp and andouille are the key ingredients in this traditional dish. White wine compliments the savory dish perfectly.

    Summertime staple baked potatoes. Hearty spiced chunks with flavorful herbs sprinkled on top.

    Creamy chili mayonnaise dip drizzled over a bed of grilled spiced potatoes. Chopped herbs sprinkled over.

    Delectable lamb chops ornately served on a beautiful blue platter. Breaded in cornmeal and spices for added flavor.

    Guests will grab handfuls of this fun appetizing party snack. Serve in casual, easy to carry bowls.

    Exquisite angel hair pasta. Vivid bursts of color come from red shrimp, bright cherry tomatoes and green cilantro leaves.

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