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  • A blend of holiday favorites. Refreshing pineapple, white grape, blueberries, lime and mint flavors.

    Fig and thyme cocktail in a vintage amber martini glass. Cool and sexy!

    Cocktails all dressed up for a special birthday celebration. Pink drinks in martini glasses rimmed with rainbow sprinkles adds a special touch.

    Chocolate Oreo cookie martini served in a modern martini glass! Sweet indulgent cocktail!

    This boat is filled with an assortment of bottles of beer. Creative way to get rid of the ugly cooler.

    Photo dots decorate crystal cocktail glasses for bachelorette party. Vinyl photo stays in place but doesn't leave sticky film behind. Fun idea to customize party!

    Whipped white chocolate cream tops off this elegant slushy. Raspberry and red wine swirl into one in sophisticated glassware.

    Colorful and assorted drinks in one spot. Drinks hung from a creatively designed glass holder.

    Soft pastel palette with plenty of tropical details make for a stunning event. Refreshing mojitos sit by dainty china and light peach rose bouquets.

    One-stop shop for the perfect mimosa concoction. An assortment of juices and fruit are ready to be added to the bubbly.

    Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with margaritas. Displayed in crafty strawberry glass rimmed with salt and garnished with lime and strawberry. Blanket stitched linen towel completes the display.

    What to serve at a Kentucky Derby party...create a fab mint julep station with silver barware, the best ingredients and fresh garnish.

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