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  • Event: Disco & The Seventies
  • LED lights used to illuminate this dance floor. Great idea for a funky 70's themed dinner dance party.

    70's inspired décor for an outdoor festival themed event. Flowers intertwined around branches shaped in the epic peace sign.

    Rustic acoustic guitar with a bouquet of lovely wild flowers. Roses, corn flowers, violets and baby blue eyes are festival perfect.

    Urban brick interior decorated with dancing silhouettes and dramatic lighting. Lots of room for a groovy disco party.

    Lively disco theme birthday decorations surrounding dessert and favor buffet.

    Exciting dance theme for girls birthday with rainbow swirl printables and invitations.

    Take your disco party to the night club and dance under the strobes!

    Disco ball themed cake with silver accents is perfect for 25 anniversary celebration.

    A must have accessory for any disco party. Use as decoration or make in to earrings.

    Dress up the rafters with fabric drapery, paper lanterns, and funky disco ball. An updated disco look!

    A must have for any disco themed party. Peel the backing and stick!

    Decoration idea for disco party. Use lunchbox as decorative accent and thermos can hold flowers.

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