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  • Event: High School Reunion
  • Yellow lanterns add bursts of color above classic white furniture for this outdoor reunion.

    Stylish drink dispensors filled with freshly cut lemons and oranges. Yellow flowers and lavender stems adorn each glass. Refreshing drink station.

    Cute and simple high school reunion centerpiece is a custom printed balloon with cellophane and ribbon in school colors.

    Delicious reunion party favors and décor. Popular cake pops in school colors expertly wrapped and displayed in glass with white jelly beans and marshmallows for filler. Cute tags on each vase mark the occasion.

    Lounge in style. Oversized pink bouquets, vine covered walls, reflective mirrors and lit candles finish off this luxurious setting.

    Lounge it up in this chic setting. Purple accents tastefully pop against the all white décor. Gray chiffon drape to separte sections.

    Chat with old friends with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Lounge around small white sqaure seats or cocktail tables.

    Purple and green floral accents pop against an all white backdrop. A mirrored table makes the room appear larger. Chandeliers add a vintage touch to an otherwise modern décor.

    Blue sets the tone in this lounge. Candles, holiday lights and large white lanterns are all the lighting necessary. Crisp white sofas and tables.

    These baby lanterns light the way for any outdoor reunion. Tiny holiday lights sprinkle the night sky.

    Magnificent flowers and crystals hang from the ceiling. Pink lit walls set the tone.

    Electric pink flowers hover above a simple, candle-lit dinner table. Small pink and red bouquets line the center. Silver fabric chair covers add a glint of shine.

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