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  • Event: Ice Cream
  • Mid-summer outdoor ice cream party with hand dipped sugar cones. Lovely display is refreshing in blue and white.

    Cool things down with homemade kulfi. This frozen dessert is better than any ice cream! In rose, pistachio and mango flavors.

    Be able to eat your ice cream and bowl for the first time with these white chocolate bowls covered in rainbow sprinkles.

    A dessert idea for Fourth of July. Layered strawberries, cream, and cake displayed in glass compote bowls on blue tablecloth.

    Candy jars, ice cream cups, and goody bags cleverly displayed for Fourth of July. Red, white, and blue stars hang behind the table along with a star print sheet. Star banner in front hangs from blue ribbon.

    A Thanksgiving dessert. Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones topped with yellow, orange, and brown sprinkles for the holiday.

    A twist on the dessert table, it's an ice cream bar! Make your own cone, sundae, or grab a popsicle. Decorated in vibrant colors with paper lanterns, polka dot balloons, and crepe paper table skirting.

    Baby's dessert table with pig and sun. Desserts include cakes and candy with large layer cake as focal point.

    Experience new age Thai with handmade pumpkin, chocolate or pineapple ice cream. Cinnamon sorbet and vanilla cream treats. Colorfully decorated with edible flowers.

    Gather for an ice cream themed engagement party with this fantastic ice cream cone cake made with chocolate ganache.

    Creative end of summer party idea to use on Labor Day. Popsicles propped up in brown sugar that looks like the sand at the beach, bucket and pail included!

    Refreshing Labor Day or end of summer gathering.

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