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  • Illuminate your slumber party with this green, yellow, and blue psychedelic glow-in-the dark lantern. Simply add glow-in-dark paint to a sealable mason jar.

    Grant your guests with a rare bottle filled with unicorn magic. Each tiny bottle is labled with elegant calligraphy, filled with white glitter, and sealed with a tiny cork.

    Enjoy an entetaining beverage as you pour sparkling water in a glass filled with fluffy pink cotton candy. Witness the magical disappearing act as the cotton candy dissolves into pink bubbles.

    Quench your thirst with this vibrante cherry soda beverage placed in a plastic or glass sealed bottle. Insert black and white straws attached with a red star flag, and next to a a white or red dice for that added magic touch.

    This tiny magician hat perfectly decorated with red tulle wrapped around and spread out in front, feature a set of miniature cards on top of it's brim. A black headband allows the hat to stay in place on magician's head.

    Make your very own Harry Potter sorting hat by molding a cube of caramel into the iconic hat. Don't forget to carve out it's face.

    A white paper bag decorated like a rabbit appear form a black plastic magician hat. Each bag is decorated with paper cutouts to include the rabbit's iconic features.

    Feast your eyes on this magical table creation as long as "you say the magic word". Fill your red tablecloth covered table filed with candy, brownies, magic-inspired cookies and an elaborate cake featuring a rabbit popping out of a magician's hat.

    Jazz up your glass of milk by placing a white magic wand straw inside a glass featuring a pink silhouette of Cinderella. This glass of milk can transform an cookie a heavenly delectable.

    Grant your guests with their very own magician hat, mustache, magic wand, and a polka dotted bag for treats. Personalize this gift by piping the guest's name to notify their rightful seat at the table.

    Amazing black licorice sticks dipped in white candy melts. Laid on a bed of orange M&M's.

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