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  • These white crafty pumpkins are carved strategically to look like a mummy with each cut out. A golden light illuminates the inside while black marbles are placed into two cutouts for its eyes.

    Dress your strawberries into famous Halloween monsters (Skeleton, Frankenstein, Jack O lantern, Vampire Bat, Mummy). Each strawberry is coated with different colors of white chocolate and their iconic facial features, thanks to the magic of frosting.

    These pina coladas elixirs can be sipped from tall clear glasses through black and white straws. Place these drinks on a white tray next to extra straws and a cup designed with cursive writing, filled with black ruffles and a skull figurine.

    These delicious and scary sandwiches are composed of bread cutout into ovals, turkey slices, and your choice of cheese cut out in jagged teeth patterns. Top your creation with two olives on top to humanize these ferocious edible creatures.

    Scare your guests with this watermelon attempting to eat this fruit platter filled with grapes, watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Small googly eyes are glued on toothpicks for each fruit and a cutout is made in the watermelon to allow it to munch on its fellow fruit neighbors.

    Mix and match vibrant red and blue forks with red and green napkins wrapped together. Utensils are placed in blue and green fuzzy containers educated with felt smiles and googley eyes.

    Surprise your guests with eyeball cookies made in various colors (pink, turquoise, green, and orange). Each cookie is composed of various eyes in various shapes.

    Stop these one-eyed licorice creatures from running away by placing them in a glass fish bowl filled with blue candy encrusted chocolate. Each Red Vine licorice piece has a candy eyeball attached to the top.

    Fill a silver cylinder container with an array of sweet treats for the ultimate trail mix. The container contains kettle corn, gummy worms, M&Ms, and skittles.

    Bring rice krispy treats to life by enrobing the tops with a pink, orange, green, or purple layer of white chocolate and placing a candy eyeballs on top in various quantities.

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