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  • Awards night dessert inspiration. Photo by Brian Leahy Photography

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    Lulu transformed this outdoor space into an elegant dinner party in celebration of the Oscars. The white roses and antique gold accents are timeless!

    Black and gold Oscar Party dessert treats - celebrate in style!

    A celebration with friends featuring full course menu and professional staff.

    Fresh cheese cubes topped off with red peppers and rosemary leaves. Forked meatballs stand at the ready.

    Jazz up hot dogs for awards season. These well dressed puppies are wrapped in black and white tissue paper.

    Sweet treats to snack on for movie night. Toasty mini marshmallows on chocolate cupcakes.

    Classic tux and bow tie come to life with small triangles of brie with pieces of shaped olives. Neatly placed on rosemary crackers.

    Black oscar statues stand tall in between gorgeous white blossoms. These turn any living room into a magical event.

    This Academy Awards ballot makes any viewing party more glamourous. Creative and crafty way to invite guests.

    Snazzy napkin holders ready for an awards night party. Silky black bow tie wrapped around white cloth napkins.

    Creative writing skills come to life in these fun name cards. Printed on an old Hollywood template.

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