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  • Homemade mac 'n cheese makes a popular dish to share at potluck. Crunchy breadcrumb topping seals the deal!

    Great healthy side option to go with BBQ meal.

    Fun summery potluck dish, serve with bread for a satisfying side!

    Chili themed potluck dinner - A gathering to get you through the long cold winter!

    Roses and limes combined in vase for a fresh look.

    Dips and appetizers make a fun theme for picnic potluck. Bring gingham cloth for traditional summer look.

    Guests will label their own dishes with cute tags and wooden sticks. Also good for people with food allergies!

    Purple and green invite for potluck pie party - love the theme!

    Unique appetizer for potluck. Platter has leaf shaped cheese pieces, pretzel crackers, and relish for a fresh twist.

    Nice choice for potluck, this seafood paella is attractive and feeds lots of people!

    Functional and attractive - these paper bags keep guests utensils and napkins contained and manageable to carry.

    Raw themed potluck appetizers are bright and inviting. They are also gluten free!

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