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  • Hundreds of holiday lights fixed to drape across the wide ceiling. Smooth fabric drapes add to the pattern.

    DIY summertime ceiling vibes. Disco balls pop out from the streamers adding sparkle.

    Tables decorated with lighted balloon masterpieces for inspirational dinner dance party.

    Outfit décor takes a lively turn with yellow ball florals. Pin these to dresses or tuxes.

    Homecoming night is made even more special by artfully made boutonnieres. Wild flowers tied with thin twine.

    Glass spheres dangle from tree branches resembling shooting stars. Vintage lanterns are also part of the décor.

    Red takes the mainstage in this décor. Gold painted branches soak in tinted water. Crystals dangle from the branches.

    Modern lounge scene. Vibrant lighting and artisanal rose and calla lily bouquets.

    Lounge about the dance floor in this stylish outdoor venue. Dim yellow lights and candle flames set the tone.

    Detailed star-shaped lanterns cast a glow on any party. Dangle from walls, fixtures or ceilings.

    Mirrored disco balls hang throughout as glittering party accents.

    Take a lovely stroll through this illuminated entrance into the homecoming party. Large bulbs and white garlands.

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