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  • Golden lion, giraffe and elephant walk among candles and a bright coral bouquet. Safari inspired centerpiece.

    Fill a clear bulb bowl with the perfect dinosaur environment. Layer rocks and soil where you can plant mini tree like plants to shelter your plastic dinosaur friends comfortably.

    Fun for bat or bar mitzvah - guests leave with cool t memento!

    Add some action to your cupcakes by creating an entertaining scene on top of a pillow of frosting. Simply perch a golden lion underneath a red and gold pipe cleaner circle disguised as a fiery hoop.

    Crunchy chocolate cookie batter sprinkled with coloful marshmallows. Creative signs add to the fun.

    Endearing children's birthday spread. Animal shaped cookies, cake pops and cupcakes.

    Not your ordindary pretzel sticks. These snacks transport directly to a safari.

    Easy party snacks for a safari themed party. These raisins are creatively labeled "Fried Ants".

    Fresh juice with fruit served in glass dispensers. Each labeled with a quirky name.

    Dainty animal crackers packed in clear plastic boxes. Each tied with a pink pinstripe ribbon and a thank you note.

    An assortment of popcorn flavors served in glass jars. Tie in the safari theme with big animal print bows.

    Enjoy sweet party treats along with cold milk in cute glass bottles. Sip from gold and ivory pinstriped straws.

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