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  • Event: Scavenger Hunt
  • Fondant 'X' marks the spot on delicious red velvet and pineapple cupcakes. Creamy icing swirl is a must.

    Celebrate a victorious treasure hunt with a pirate ship tablescape. Decorative pirate emblem flag blows in the wind.

    Cheddar cubes stacked for easy to eat birthday snacks. Pinstripe flag labels the cheese with pirate gold.

    The search for gold ends at a decorative chest. Precious chocolate coins and bars are a sweet fortune for a treasure hunt party.

    Jolly Roger's special tasty brew for a treasure hunt birthday bash! Decorative bottles, labels, pinstripe straws and sweet chocolate coins.

    Sails of paper pirate flags are the perfect touch. Fudge fondant covered cake pop ships float in front of a treasure chest filled with party props.

    Buccaneer's gather around a treasure hideaway tabletop. Glass jars hold sand and pirate décor. Gold coins and gems scattered across.

    A shipshape tablescape for a treasure hunt themed party. Drinks served in coloful dispensors, pirate flags and a gem filled wooden chest.

    Moist fudge brownies with a layer of a fondant pirates map. Each bite leads the way to a mouthful of hidden treasures.

    Fun party treats for treasure hunt giveaways. Chocolate bars wrapped in pirate maps.

    Feel the tropical breeze with each bite of this adorable marooned island treat. Icing waves and sugar sand with a palm tree on top.

    Summer ready watermelon carved into a detailed treasure chest. Jewel shaped fruit and colorful beads. Chocolate coins add some sweetness.

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