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  • Labor Day food idea. Fresh watermelon and gulf shrimp make a succulent and tasty appetizer for an end of summer party!

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    Seductive seafood display for large summer party. Friends will take delight in the décor and savor the fresh taste of prawn, oysters and clams.

    Lovely and relaxed beach party setting with natural wood and linen. Table runner made from shells lends the final touch.

    Crab cake burger with butter lettuce on a toasted homemade bun. Perfect for a beach party!

    Country club meal to ensure a fabulous event. Lovely sea bass with asparagus and mango salsa.

    These scallops are cured with lime sugar. Garnished with coriander and wood sorrel on green strawberries. Your gourmand guests will love this!

    This banquet platter is a feast for the eyes!

    Delicious looking food garnished with flower petals.

    Appetizer with smoked salmon, black sesame seed, and wasabi foam.

    Sophisticated appetizer for a successful fundraiser

    Inspirational appetizers for a modern club event.

    Appealing appetizers for sushi lovers.

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