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  • Event: Spies & Detectives
  • Bank robbery mystery décor. Dollar sign bags filled with faux money next to an open toy safe.

    Manila folder with polka dot wrapped tissue paper holds bright red plastic utensils. Confidential stickers add to the mystery solving décor.

    Fun glass bottles wrapped in detective stickers. Each with yellow pinstripe straws.

    Detective props adorned with flags and stickers. Fun party favors for a mystery themed birthday bash.

    Creative mystery solving party props. Kitchen timer attached to tissue paper wrapped cylinders. Tied together with simple black tape.

    Mystery evidence has been identified with fingerprint signs. Powdered doughnuts sit on a vintage crime newspaper.

    Tasty sugar cookies with 'top secret' and 'confidential' icing. Detective mystery themed party treats.

    Mystery words etched into the icing frosted cake. Bright yellow and black themed celebration.

    The problem solving begins with sweet sugar cookies. Fondant shaped in question marks for a mystery theme.

    Mystery solving sweets! Chocolate cupcakes adorned with Nancy Drew and magnifying glass silhouette fondant toppers.

    Sweet and salty come together in pretzel sticks covered in sweet fondant. Decoratively placed with a clipboard and glasses.

    Foodie verdict says death by delicious chocolate fudge brownie. Vintage font label wraps.

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