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    A super hero display of favors and treats to satisfy a large group of guests. Matching party supplies in red, blue and yellow unify the look in front of cityscape backdrop. Photo Credit: Papeliux Party Studio

    A batman party is never complete without a couple of bats. Using a ceiling light fixture, tie a couple of black rings, each tied together with fishing line. From each ring hang several glittered black bat cutouts with more fishing line.

    Make it hard for your guests to resist your dangerously delicious white chocolate pretzels. Dip one side of your pretzels in blue white chocolate and the other half in yellow. After finally drying them, place them in black and white polka-dotted cups behind the fun label "Two Face Pretzels" to signal Two Face's presence in your Batman party.

    Before getting blown away by the sugar rush, dress your blue tootsie roll lollipops with a cape hooked around the base of the candy. Complete the heroic look with a superhero symbol drawn on the cape.

    Place packaged green crystal rock candy in a metal red bucket labeled "Kryptonite!" Guests will find it hard to resist the intense sugar high such treats can bring.

    Encourage healthy eating by placing fruits and vegetables (olives, strawberries, grapes, broccoli, blueberries, & carrots) inside red bowls and assigning each treat as a specific superpower. Place it in front of a yellow backdrop and a sign that says, "Pick Your Superpowers". Eager guests will immediately want to energize their tummies.

    Add some mischievous personality to your treats by taking fresh strawberries and drawing black and white eyes. Place them on a yellow plate drizzled in blue frosting to stay faithful to Superman's iconic colors.

    Take copies of pages of your favorite comic book and mold them into cones. Easily store snacks, such as Cheetos, for a fun and entertaining display.

    Fill tiny square containers with several levels of different Jell-O flavors. The following parfait design starts with blue on the bottom, white, yellow, white again, and red on the top. Add a Superman symbol in middle, replacing the S with the initial of the party person.

    Make Oreos that even Superman couldn't resist. These homemade Oreos can be filled with traditional white or vibrant blue, red, and yellow cream. Stack them on a special white display tray and place a' Super Oreos' label.

    Just how condiments add an extra kick to your food, decorate your condiment bottles as you would in a comic book. Cover the brand labels to ketchup, mustard, and relish bottles with black and white polka dot paper. In the middle of the bottle, place brightly colored geometric signs with comic book-worthy words: Boom!, Bam!, & Pop!

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