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  • Try this light soup at your next luncheon gathering. A light meal means you can splurge on dessert!

    These golden deep-fried Thai rolls with shrimp filling are simple appetizers. Flavor comes together with sweet and sour dipping sauce.

    Experience new age Thai with handmade pumpkin, chocolate or pineapple ice cream. Cinnamon sorbet and vanilla cream treats. Colorfully decorated with edible flowers.

    A bright platter of baked seabass and zesty shrimp on a bed of mandarin slices. This tasty dish swims in a delicious citrus sauce. Fresh herbs finish it off.

    Traditional Thai dishes take centerstage! Gorgeously ornate dishes filled to the brim with savory soups, spicy curries, salads, spices, and customary rice & noodles.

    Elegant finger food. Crispy peking duck with spiced plum tastefully served in hoisin rice paper. Easy to serve, easy to eat.

    Customary bite size appetizer perfect for a Thai-themed party! Variation of a classic salad served in decorative spoons.

    Golden bowls elegantly filled with white rose petals.

    Draw attention with vivid bursts of dazzling bouquets of exotic flowers! Each bouquet is hand-crafted into traditional shapes used for weddings.

    Five tiers of rich chocolate cupcakes spread with sweet vanilla icing. Each cupcake topped with tasty heart-shaped cookie. Classic white flowers contrast against a luscious green garden. backdrop.

    Green leaves and colorful flowers traditionally woven into hand-crafted shapes. A large woven flower holds the special red box.

    Dine with a breathtaking view! Simply elegant pairing of white on white table décor.

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