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  • With a varied pattern nautical red and white quilt, drape fish net on the wall and the table for an increased sea-like look. Life savers and a ship steering wheel are also attached to the wall. Add more sea trinkets on the table and around the side to complete the atmosphere.

    Leave your guests with a message by placing a scroll (with drawn cross bone) in a rock filled glass bottle. Don’t forget to seal your secrets with a cork screw. Place your bottle in the middle of a table along with rusty coins, seashells, ocean nets, and plastic red jewels.

    Invite your guests to a meal to die for. Each seat comes with a red box and black and white striped napkin tied with twine & the guest's name (above a twine place mat). To organize the food from the rest of the table, a black cloth centers the pink covered table and aligns clear jars of red treats, red and white boxed popcorn, and clear tall jugs of champagne. To finish all off, place a rusty lamp in the middle and sprinkle a couple of gold coins, seashells & stars.

    Seal a couple of treasures for guests in a nice soft brown bag. Simply package all your precious gifts in fabric and tie the fabric from all edges with a brown string. Tie a complementary gold coin to give an extra pirate touch.

    Bite into these golden Oreos to see if they're real. Each gold flavor Oreo is sprayed with edible food coloring. Before you know it, you have golden coins.

    Sink your teeth into these cupcakes. A sea of blue frosting covers the top of the cupcake as graham cracker crumbs form a shore. A golden coin pokes out of the shore as buried treasure that has been recently excavated.

    Above a sea of blue Jell-O lays a watermelon filled with blueberries, melon balls, and strawberries. Carrots poke out the sides as cannons and a bow attached to a string. Curved watermelon curved sails are held up with crossed popsicle sticks. However, a pirate ship is never complete without a flag or a pirate leading the ship.

    Introduce your guests to a batch of cheesy treats. Place Cheetos ball puffs in a large clear cylinder container. Label your snack "Canon Balls" along with skull cross bones to add that pirate charm. Red and white polka dots outlines the label to give a friendly appearance.

    Quench your thirst with blue punch that would satisfy the toughest pirate. Each cup is a mason jar that are tied with layers of twine around the lid with a 'Pirate Punch' label. Complete the look with a red and white spiral straw.

    Decorate your guestbook with whimsical charisma. This rustic book is covered with shiny tints of blue, green, gold, and purple. Followed by threads tied together with fancy beads/charms on the spine, a purple velvet ribbon seals the vintage pages together. To finish it all off, an ancient-style 'Adventure of the Heart' scroll finishes the look, along with a tiny branch tied with leaves, florals, and thread.

    Fondant 'X' marks the spot on delicious red velvet and pineapple cupcakes. Creamy icing swirl is a must.

    Celebrate a victorious treasure hunt with a pirate ship tablescape. Decorative pirate emblem flag blows in the wind.

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