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  • Event: Wild West
  • Guests can rally around this mini frosted birthday cake. Cowboy boots, hat and rope are perfect western props.

    Rustic party snacks sit on decorative hay stacks. An intricate display of country themed sweets.

    A bushel of apples in a rustic woven basket. An easy and healthy party snack.

    Wooden sign with the birthday girl name hangs above a sweet dessert spread. Horse topped cake is the center of attention.

    Adorable tiered birthday cake with fondant flowers. Golden unicorn sits on top with a paper flower backdrop.

    Streamers and pom poms hang above a dainty dessert spread. Delicious cupcakes, caramel apples and sweet cotton candy treats.

    Wild horses run across the top of a pink frosted birthday cake. Pinstripe straws hang burlap flags.

    Quaint streamers hang from trees and tables. Rustic outdoor girl's birthday party.

    Lovely pink frosted cupcakes with decorative toppers. Horse themed birthday treats.

    Charming shades of pink are the main hues for this horse themed party. Fun desserts table décor.

    Each cone shaped cake pop is disguised as an Indian teepee after being enrobed by yellow white chocolate and decorated with frosting zig zags coated with color sugar crystals, and a black dot designs. Pretzels stick out from the top to imitate wooden sticks.

    These comfortably wrapped utensils are placed on a contrasting black plate mat and white plate. Utensils are wrapped with canvas, a black and white zig zag band, and black and tan worn out feathers.

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