Tips to Update Thanksgiving Celebration

6 Ways to Revamp Thanksgiving from Tastemaker Christie Troxell

Christie Troxell of Ritzy Parties   Looking to freshen up your Thanksgiving celebration? Our national holiday and other seasonal fetes may be tradition-bound, but you can always spruce them up with a few strategic updates. Christie Troxell, CEO and Creative Director of Ritzy Parties, is planning a modern, fun Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. Here, […]

6 Chic Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

6 Chic Decorations to Raise Your Halloween Game

Image by B. Lovely Events By Sarah Koller   Fall is one season that’s jam-packed with festive events. Between outdoor tailgating and orchard visits, Halloween can easily fall to the wayside. This year, don’t let the spooky season fall casualty to a busy schedule. From elegant jack-o-lanterns to trendy tablescapes, we’ve rounded up several ways […]


5 Halloween Party Food Hacks for Your Spooky Soiree

You’ve spent weeks dreaming up and perfecting your Halloween costume. But now your party guests are about to arrive and they’ll be expecting some eye-catching edibles to fuel the evening’s festivities. Try out these simple hacks for devilishly good party snacks to get the trick-or-treating started.

Hopscotch Lunch

Hopscotch Your Way to A Whimsical Lunch for Kids of All Ages

A few weeks ago, I woke up and I had one of those mornings where I just wanted to be a kid again. You know, the kind of day where you wake up and you pull the covers over your face so just your eyes are peering out and you wait – peering back and forth – for your mom to come into your room and wake you up.

Throw a fun and sophisticated gin tasting party

Six Tips for Hosting the Best Gin Tasting Party

If the good ol’ gin and tonic is something you’ve never given much consideration, now’s the time to pay the classic cocktail some attention. Thanks to a revived interest by craft distillers in creating gins infused with a broad range of flavors and aromas, the wonderful world of gin has never been more exciting. Hosting a sophisticated and most importantly, fun, gin tasting party is easy.

Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkin ideas

5 Unique Jack-O-Lanterns To Try This Fall

Carving a pumpkin is an iconic fall activity that’s fun for all ages. Although the classic, goofy-grinned cutout is a popular choice, flex your creativity and give your pumpkin an upgrade this autumn. Here are 5 stylin’ ideas for jack-o-lanterns to get you started.


Make a (Secret) Splash with Your Own Private Dîner en Blanc

The intriguing concept of a secret picnic party known as Dîner en Blanc (or “Dinner in White”) was launched nearly 30 years ago in Paris. The mysterious event consists of a select roster of guests being invited to a top-secret – only revealed at the last minute – location for a gourmet dinner in a public space. All participants must bring their own tables, chairs, linens, china and silver. And they must dress all in white. Once the meal is over, guests pack up, clean up, and leave the space exactly as they found it before vanishing into the night.


Say Goodbye to Summer with a Breakfast Picnic

While picnics have never gone out of fashion – especially during the warm summer months – the idea of what an outdoor meal should entail has perhaps gotten a little stale. Most of us are familiar with lunch or dinner al fresco … however, breakfast has not yet taken hold as a popular time to spread out a checked blanket and paper plates.


5 Tips For A Rocking Summer BLUES Party

Everyone applauds the little black dress for its chic versatility, but let’s take a moment to celebrate America’s unsung wardrobe hero: blue jeans! They’ve been there for you through the years, tying every outfit together seamlessly. You can dress them up, dress them down, or just wear them around the house. It’s about time you throw a soirée in their honor! Here are a few “in-jean-ius” ideas to take your Summer Blues Party to epic level.


Game Plan for A Tennis Party

Tastemaker Amy Stevens of A Lively Affair came across a few silver trophy urns filled with florals and ran with the idea to create a stunning Wimbledon-inspired engagement affair.


Celebrate with a Champagne and Flowers Fête

While champagne and flowers are quintessential elements for a romantic evening a deux, the charming pairing can also be a wonderful base for a celebratory get-together.

Do you have a bride, a birthday gal, or a new mom in your life? Why not honor that special lady with a bubbly and blossoming party she’ll be sure to love?


Three Edible Cocktails to Try at Home

Edible cocktails are the perfect marriage between an alcoholic beverage and your favorite sweet snack. Here are three favorite examples you can make at home. Cheers and bon appetit!