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    Fern & Maple celebrated her dog's birthday in style this year with this fun birthday party. Her four-legged guests enjoyed the custom dog bowls complete with a bone treat and dog food. I designed the invitation, backdrop, bottle wraps, menu food tents, favor tags, straw flags, stickers, wraps around the dog food cans and large chalk "about me' board. The crisp green and yellow popped again the black and white stripes featured through the party.

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    A mod and casual style Safari theme for a 4th birthday party! A neutral color palette with brown and yellow with a touch of red accents. Giraffe, elephant, & lion are the key animal motifs.

    A mixture of frosted and unfrosted animal cookies are placed in a large glass jar. A circus charm is added with a pink orb carried by a frilly pink band wrapped around the jar.

    Miniature cakes enrobed in pink icing and drizzled in milk chocolate create a zebra pattern. For easy display, these scrumptious cakes are placed on sticks and inserted in a cushion of cheetah fabric surrounding the inside of a green pot.

    A variety of popcorn flavors are placed in classic bulb glass vases adorned with a top to seal the freshness. To add a jungle flavor to this arrangement, a green table topper is placed below, animal print ribbons tie around the glass vases, and leaves are sprinkled in front.

    These giraffe shadow silhouettes placed on the walls above a yellow couch add a cute safari flavor to the room.

    Greet your guests with a jungle inspired sign made out of old wood and using a variety of clashing calligraphy styles. Embed the wild sign in a bamboo tree filled with vibrant green leaves for the perfect jungle look.

    Create a safari atmosphere by labeling your chosen beverage "Jungle Juice" and placing it next to a vase of feather plumes and animal print orbs. Stylish zebra mason jars with zebra straws are placed in front.

    A variety of bright green, pink, lavender, and yellow florals lightens up the table on top of a contrasting black and white striped table fabric. An adorable origami llama poke out of the bouquet.

    Fill a tiny small tray with a variety of bright florals, dry grass, and a small cactus. After placing a giraffe silhouette sign in the bouquet, add a vintage vibe with a canvas cloth below, an empty mason jar, and a golden giraffe figurine in front.

    Add personality to your cupcakes by decorating your cupcakes as different animals (monkey, zebra, tiger, lion) with a variety of frosting colors and designs. Present your sweet treats on a green and yellowish bamboo stick platter.

    Create a heard of animals at the lunch table by placing animal masks at the back of green and yellow chairs. Finish off the safari look with a cheetah table cover.

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