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    The stage is set for a bar mitzvah celebration with snow-white flowers and seating in this lovely home setting. A celebration by Riveted Events.

    A catered event with delicious salad including nuts and fruit.

    Bar Mitzvah dessert buffet includes choice of fruit or chocolate cakes.

    Tal Orion Event Management created this energizing sports themed bar mitzvah with slideshow.

    Fun basketball themed mitzvah decor is accentuated by orange lighting. Black and white chevron striped linens add a modern and sporty look.

    Professional event services create a fun bar mitzvah party.

    Cool sports theme décor for Bar Mitzvah. Love the under table lighting.

    Giant soccer ball hovers over table creating a dramatic sport themed centerpiece.

    Playbills and glitter theatre masks make the perfect centerpiece at a Broadway themed party.

    Cake pop display is bright and bold like a circus to match the trapeze party theme.

    Gold framed sushi menu so mitzvah guests don't have to guess what they are eating! Popular sushi station goes with any theme!

    Circus themed bat mitzvah centerpiece inspiration. Love the bold yellow crate and mini hula hoops!

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