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  • Celebrate her birthday with a popular dessert table. Decorated in pink and green with pastel accents the desserts match the color scheme. A towering layer cake takes center stage, with fluffly cotton candy flanking each end.

    Large glass canisters hold edible footballs, basketballs, and baseballs. Imaginative sports themed birthday!

    Love this sushi station for chic art gallery opening.

    Sports themed party is just right with trophy and soccer ball décor. Donuts are easy to grab when you are getting your squishy soccer ball favor.

    Fresh looking patriotic dessert display. Light blue star cookies stand out along with bold red star decoration.

    All American and dressed up with red, white, and blue flags. Patriotic July 4th inspiration.

    Fun octopus' garden peppers and hummus. Edible green olive eyes make the finishing touch!

    Bachelor party buffet starring spuds! Table decorated in green and brown with homemade "spud bar" banner across the front. Potatoes cooked in all imaginable ways and displayed with handmade tags, served with custom labeled beer.

    Dress up a bachelorette party with easy decorations. Hang a pendant banner over side table with desserts. Use party sign, cupcake toppers, and cups to accessorize your cupcakes, drinks, and snacks.

    Find everything necessary at the Biscuit Bar for an afternoon graduation tea party. Warm and fluffy buscuits, homemade marmalade, sweet honey, and hot herbal tea.

    Homemade mac 'n cheese makes a popular dish to share at potluck. Crunchy breadcrumb topping seals the deal!

    Shabby chic tea party with elegant china, flower arrangements, and pastries set in front of rustic backdrop. Looks so inviting!

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