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  • Sweet tigers jump across frosting on these vanilla cupcakes. Perfect for a carnival bash.

    All you can eat bags of crunchy peanuts and salty popcorn! Bagged in red and white colors.

    Cake pop display is bright and bold like a circus to match the trapeze party theme.

    Gold framed sushi menu so mitzvah guests don't have to guess what they are eating! Popular sushi station goes with any theme!

    Circus themed bat mitzvah centerpiece inspiration. Love the bold yellow crate and mini hula hoops!

    Circus peanuts are fun party treats! Served in pinstriped popcorn boxes.

    Amazing circus birthday décor. Caramel candied apples, cupcakes and a decorative cake.

    Party games start with bright yellow raffle tickets. Guests can ruffle through this striped bowl.

    Cupcakes circle in fun ferris wheel table décor. Clown, tent and balloon details.

    Creatively detailed red-nosed cupcakes. Light blue clown inspired sweet treats.

    Linen baggies stamped with carnival themed images. Stuffed with fun party favors.

    Fun pinstripe circus theme party décor. Colorful printed banners, arts, crafts, and daisies.

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