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  • Hand out green takeout boxes filled with scrumptious trail mix as party favors. To add a ferocious touch, tie a black and white ribbon around a dinosaur figurine standing on a plastic leaf as an extra gift.

    Fill a clear bulb bowl with the perfect dinosaur environment. Layer rocks and soil where you can plant mini tree like plants to shelter your plastic dinosaur friends comfortably.

    This adorable snack cup disguises veggies as dinosaur tails. Each veggie is dipped in a pile of hummus.

    Transform your dinosaur figurines into ferocious serving plates. Before placing the head on the plate to align the dinosaur's body on the other side, spray paint the figurine white to match the plate.

    Seal the details of your party on a green card enclosed in a white/green polka dotted egg. Make sure to place pieces of green tissue paper inside to surprise your guests when they crack their newfound egg.

    Fill all your candy in this friendly orange dinosaur piñata adorned with a smile and protruding canines, red scales, and black dot eyes. The entire body is immersed in frayed orange paper.

    This intimidating fruit salad, composed of pineapple and watermelon is placed in the mouth of a dinosaur's head made out of a watermelon shell. Stick toothpicks on the edge of the dinosaur's mouth to disguise as teeth.

    Hardboiled eggs have mysteriously produce colorful cracks. To create these rare eggs roll hard-boil eggs around a hard surface to crack them, recoil the eggs in a mixture of salted water infused with soy sauce, and reboil them again with food coloring water.

    Create your own dinosaur chandelier by taking a blue medium size ring and tying string around it. Dark and light blue plastic figurines are hooked up by every string.

    Store your treasures from your adventures in a mason jar toped with a dinosaur figurine. Complement the golden lid by spray painting a plastic dinosaur figurine in gold.

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