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    Modern and contemporary to celebrate 4th of July with a Burger Bash. Red, white and blue fresh decorative accents, flowers, desserts and candy complete the look for the celebratory occasion.

    A festive red, white, and blue cake using stawberries and blueberries for Fourth of July party. Cake is topped with lit sparklers and sits on blue cake pedistal that matches the dinnerware.

    Simple goodness for patriotic holiday. Classic red licorice wrapped with American flag.

    Fresh looking patriotic dessert display. Light blue star cookies stand out along with bold red star decoration.

    All American and dressed up with red, white, and blue flags. Patriotic July 4th inspiration.

    Fourth of July dessert table in red, white, and blue with party favors. Featuring cupcakes, cookies, fruit, and red drinks. Loving this!

    A beautiful display of pie, berries, and lemonade for July 4th under an adorable red, white and blue kite banner!

    Iced star and strawberry shaped cookies in red white and blue for Fourth of July. Tastefully displayed on compote atop striped linen cloth.

    I love this pretty tablescape with stars everywhere! The light blue color makes it unique.

    Fourth of July cookies displayed on blue and white striped rim plate. Professional cookies are shaped like hard candies and star topped cupcakes.

    Graphic tablescape design for a grand Memorial Day celebration.

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