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  • Hearty meal with full meat portion, potato pancake, and cabbage. Don't forget the pretzels and beer!

    Potato pancakes served alone or are simply scrumptious. Garnished with sour cream and dill.

    The German tradition of Oktoberfest is more than beer. Plenty of meats, bread, and pretzels are typically on hand!

    In Germany, Karneval is celebrated before the solemn days of Lent. Krapfen, or donuts, are popular during this time of celebration.

    Similar to American donuts, these pastries are offered at traditional German carnivals.

    Refreshing smoothie idea with layered pineapple, blackberries, and raspberries. Looks like the German flag!

    Appropriate dessert for German themed party. Pie is topped with fruit to look like the German flag.

    German recipe called Schweinshaxen is served with country bread and pickled sides.

    A traditional combination of pork chops and cabbage for a casual German meal. Love how the placemat color matches the purple cabbage.

    Make your own mulled wine package in a rustic burlap bag. German themed gift includes wine, herb satchel, orange, and honey. Don't forget to print instructions on the tag.

    German version of sangria, this mulled wine is served warm and flavored with cinnamon, oranges, and star anise.

    The ultimate combination of chocolate and cheesecake topped with pecan glaze. YUM!

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