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  • Whipped white chocolate cream tops off this elegant slushy. Raspberry and red wine swirl into one in sophisticated glassware.

    Colorful and assorted drinks in one spot. Drinks hung from a creatively designed glass holder.

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    B.Lovely Events hosted this Girls Night In event with her friends. I designed the backdrop, Truth or Dare cards, menu food tents and more. The designs and colors were inspired by the flavors and bottle designs of Caposaldo Wines. Guests sampled the wine, played Truth or Dare as a fun ice breaker and enjoyed some champagne gummy bears.

    This no-cook appetizer is quick to prepare for a girls get together. Apricots with basil-goat cheese and almonds. Drizzled with a little honey for extra sweetness.

    Juicy peach and raspberry chunks swim around the sweet tea filled glass. Mint leaves and white wine are the most important ingredients. Refreshing beverage for an evening with your besties.

    Luscious cherries dipped in white chocolate. Elegantly placed on a transparent crystal platter for an evening with the girls.

    Delectable smoked salmon canapes with decadent caviar are savory party treats for your girlfriends! Delish!

    Deliciously spooned lobster cocktails are easy to serve to your girlfriends at any cocktail party.

    Gorgeous bright red cherries lie on cheesecake crust. A dollop of whipped cream tops it off.

    Individual colorful cups with designated tortilla chips. Bright straws and place mats liven up the tablescape.

    It's margarita time! Orange peels hang from glasses. Vibrant table settings adorn this outdoor brunch.

    Spring into summer with a bright outdoor brunch. Magenta, orange and light pink table décor.

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