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  • Event: Guy's Night
  • This spread would make any man happy. An assortment of beers and tasty appetizers.

    Mini beef sliders, light ale beer glass mugs and sliced grilled cheese sandwiches. Heaven on a crisp white platter.

    Bachelor party food inspiration. Feed hungry men with stacked pizza cake! Simple, satisfying, and easy on the budget.

    Spicy Super Bowl snack. Quick and easy game ready dip. Turkey, guacamole, cheese and veggies.

    Real men know how to eat healthy foods. Bottom biscuit loaded with turkey patty, melted cheese and veggies.

    The best burgers for your tailgate party. Love the football picks!

    Oven roasted meatballs spiked through with skewers. Easty to dip into sweet and sour BBQ sauce.

    These tacos are ready to party with the guys. Bright veggies, meat and cheese fill these hard shells to the brim.

    Traditional man-approved meal. Ground beef seasoned with chili powder set between soft warm bread buns.

    Mouthwatering chicken drizzled with tangy bbq sauce. Toothpicks make it easy for the guys to keep on going for more.

    Batter-fried onions rings. Creamy balsamic ketchup ready for dipping. Yummy for the guy night out!

    Sweet and spicy glazed chicken. Peach preserves make these wings tastily gooey for a night out with the guys!

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