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  • Focus attention on a centerpiece of fresh oranges in an elaborate golden bowl. Shades of citrus brighten eyes against clean white decorations.

    Combine gorgeous dahlias and spiky proteas in shades of citrus. This centerpiece is truly eye-catching! Green leaves and a small white bowl create a beautiful contrast.

    Cool things down with homemade kulfi. This frozen dessert is better than any ice cream! In rose, pistachio and mango flavors.

    Enclose guests in blissful Indian themed décor under colorful draped canopies. Enjoy dinner over a tablescape of elephants, silver ornaments, and jewel-toned bouquets on a printed tablecloth.

    Intricate gold details adorn this Indian themed cake. Fresh white orchids surround the center and bottom for an extravagant touch. A small gold elephant statue tops it off!

    Magenta and peach lighting set a romantic tone to any wedding. Luxurious tablescapes are adorned by white candles and large bouquets of breathtaking white flowers.

    Bold magenta, blood red, romantic hues of yellow and gold create a vibrant scene. Perfect for a breathtaking Indian themed wedding!

    Awe-inspiring backdrop of carnations for an authentic Indian wedding theme. Bold pink to bright white hues. Light peach drapes frame the carnations.

    Lavish assortment of vegetables on a bed of spicy mashed potatos. Sprinkled with lima beans, green beans and fresh herbs.

    Vivid hues of pink and white. Aromatic petals are strewn among gorgeous ceremonial items. Rows of carnation garlands decorate the walls.

    Set apart bride and groom chairs with citrus orange carnation garlands. Gold and white décor look clean and sophisticated. Perfect for a spring wedding!

    Gorgeous citrus orange cloth napkins against clean white plates and tablecloth. Personalize with white name cards. White carnations adorn the center.

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