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  • Avocado Bruschetta With Trio Of Tomatos And Balsamic Reduction - Delicious Appetizer For Any Party!

    Popular potluck lasagna with grape tomatoes and fresh basil garnish.

    Freshly Cut Pale Pink Roses In Water Goblets Creates A Nice Touch For Any Table Setting. Sophisticated and Elegant!

    Italian Panini Served With A Red Cabbage Slaw And Parmesan Breadstick. Makes For A Casual Lunch For A Picnic.

    Antipasto Tray With Savory Goodies. Salami, Prosciutto, Artichoke Hearts, Cheese, Cornichons, And Breadsticks Make For A Fabulous Appetizer.

    Creamy Vanilla Panna Cotta Served In Stemmed Glassware Garnished With A Strawberry Sauce. A Dessert To Be Loved By All!

    Fresh Lobster Salad Served With Watercress And Zesty Sliced Oranges. Refreshing, Light & Healthy!

    Acorn Squash Lasagna With Mushroom, Parmesan Cheese, And Fresh Chopped Basil. A Savory Vegetarian Lasagna.

    Chocolaty Tiramisu Garnished With Chocolate Curls And Fresh Apriots! An Italian Dessert Fave Among Many!

    Individual Panna Cotta Pastries Garnished with Blackberry And Macadamia Nut. Sophisticated, Simple & Sweet!

    Petite Cream Puffs With Edible Violets Served On A Natural Wood Cutting Board With Figs. Fingersize Desserts To Complete Your Meal!

    Pristine White Wedding Reception Dinner Table Accented With Potted Herbs And Tealight Candles. Tuscany Being A Destination Wedding For All the Guests.

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