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  • Chinese lanterns hang above outdoor Japanese themed party. Custom bar with calligraphy and awnings completes the look.

    Beautiful sushi display is inspiration for Asian themed party. They just might be too pretty to eat!

    Osechi, Japanese New Year's cuisine served with tea and sake.

    Japanese New Year's dish, Osechi. Unique party idea for sushi lovers!

    Fresh Sushi Rolls, Salmon, Yellow Squash, And Wasabi Served Beautifully In A Bento Box. A Hearty & Healthy Lunch.

    A Wood Sashimi Boat Filled With Assorted Pieces Of Fresh Fish Served With Wasabi Leaves. Makes For A Beautiful Table Presentation!

    Assorted Pieces Of Sushi Served On A Simple White Tray With Chopsticks. Don't Forget The Wasabi On The Side!

    Gourmet Sushi Topped With Caviar And Black Truffle Served Elegantly On A Silver Round Platter! Tres Chic Is The Presentation!

    Assorted Fresh Rolls & Sushi Served With A Side Of Wasabi In Simple Black Trays. Enough For A Party Of Two!

    Fried Calamari Rings Stuffed With Sausage & Topped With Green Onion and Prosciutto! Decadent And Modern Display On A Silver Disc!

    A Variety Of Rice Harvest Sushi With Black Truffle Served In A Wood Boat. Cute Display That Looks Appetizing!

    Beautifully Crafted Gourmet Sushi Appetizers Served On White Porcelain Dish. Which One To Try First?

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