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  • Event: Masquerade Party
  • Romantic display for masquerade themed wedding with white and black masks.

    Luxurious masquerade party table inspiration. Grouped candlestick holders create warm glow.

    Lavish dessert and champagne bar masquerade inspiration. Crystal and gold accents create a look of sheer elegance.

    An eye-catching centerpiece with intricate face mask, feathers and beads. Inspiration for a masquerade ball or Mardi Gras.

    Masquerade party decorative mask with musical notes and sparkle.

    Pink and black décor for masquerade themed bachelorette party. Desserts and drinks served with vintage flair.

    Sweets of every shape and size served in clear glass jars. Immense white and black plume bouquets shade the dessert buffet.

    Glasses are the ready at this bar! From glasses, feather bouquets, rose bouquets, chandeliers to creative lighting.

    Oversized feathers arranged in a white plume bouquet. Mini white rose bouquets sit around. Silver, white and gold paint the scene.

    Classic white masks with extravagant feathers are the protagonist at this party. White decorative accents fill the tablescapes.

    White feathered mask glows from candlelight to create a romantic masquerade tablescape.

    Dessert table is highlighted by 2-tier cake topped with feathered mask and gold mask backdrop. Additional features include striped table runner and confetti.

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