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  • Disguise your cupcakes into Marilyn Monroe's iconic Seven Year Itch moment where her dress flies in the air. Below Marilyn Monroe's bodice, rich cream cheese frosting imitates Monroe's famous flowing white dress.

    Create star shaped pizza with your choice of toppings by baking them in mini star pan trays. Perfect for a movie night snack.

    Accompany an elegant glass of champagne with a star pineapple cutout or star cookies. Add a formal look by adding a purple bow tie below the bulb of the glass.

    Place these whipped cream topped cupcakes on their rightful golden cradles next to diamond droplets. Each cupcake are garnished with golden pearls and black & white photographs of classic stars mounted on gold paper.

    Dress these handsome hot dogs with sophisticated tuxedo attire just as any nominated actor would at an award show. Each hot dog are granted with exclusive gold box seating and delicately wrapped in black tissue paper tuxedo and a red paper tie.

    Ignite your room with these elegant strings of gold and silver stars. Hang them from the ceiling, so your guests can shower in their brightness.

    Feature your favorite movie star sirens by devoting an entire flower centerpiece to them. Underneath a pink replica of Audrey Hepburn's Walk of Fame star and table number are a variety of pink flowers combined to form a spherical formation.

    Turn your cookies into 3-dimensional golden Oscar cookie replicas. Each Oscar are frosted with golden frosting and attached to a black cookie base. Offer additional cookies that feature the Oscar's iconic award titles elaborately iced in a red curtain/theater fashion.

    Brighten the table with place mats toped with gold paper stars and sprinkled with star confetti. Place a bouquet of budding red and white roses in a retro popcorn carton to stay consistent with the Hollywood magic.

    These twinkling cupcakes are frosted with a pink frosting swirl and garnished with fresh raspberries. Toothpicks topped with dazzling gold stars are placed sporadically throughout the cupcake to help these cupcakes shine as much as they sing sweetness from within.

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