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  • These pom pom Sesame Street critters are made of tissue and paper cutouts to create their respective facial features. Don't forget to add a paper cookie for Cookie Monster.

    Create your favorite Sesame Street character (Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Zoe) out of these goody bags by using bags that match their iconic colors (red, green, blue, yellow, orange). Decorate the front of the bag with their smiles, eyeball cutouts, and other iconic features.

    Hand your guests Elmo's favorite water creature by filling a plastic bag with delicious gold fish crackers. Add a special note from the birthday person written on a round piece of paper designed as the water filling a fish tank.

    These delicious cupcakes are topped with sugary peaks of blue frosting to replicate Cookie Monster's fur. Eyeballs are then topped along with a scrumptious Oreo cookie where Cookie Monster's mouth would be.

    Grant the wishes of your guests by handing them a mason jar filled with the necessary ingredients to make cookies that would even make the Cookie Monster speechless. Top the jar off with blue fabric covering the lid and a blue thin ribbon securing the fabric.

    Place bright yellow daisies in a jar filled with multi-colored plastic letters. A light blue and white polka dotted ribbon ties around the rim of the jar.

    Create Elmo cupcakes by creating a sea of red frosting peaks. Place dotted marshmallows as eyes, an orange M&M as the nose, and an Oreo cookie smile.

    White chocolate dip cake pops attached to a green and white stick disguises as the iconic Sesame Street pole. Place a replica of the street label while also personalizing it with the birthday child's name.

    Transform your vegetables into your favorite Sesame Street characters' faces placed on clear platters. Olives submerged in white paper cups filled with dressing are used as eyeballs.

    Disguise cupcakes into ice cream cones by placing cake inside sugar cones topped with bright colored frosting and multi-colored sprinkles. Place these cone delectables in openings cut out of a platter similar to a paint board.

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