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  • Adorable personalized pillowcases for slumber party.

    Illuminate your slumber party with this green, yellow, and blue psychedelic glow-in-the dark lantern. Simply add glow-in-dark paint to a sealable mason jar.

    Perfect slumber party cupcakes on their own pedestals!

    Quirky glass vases filled with everyone's favorite breakfast cereals and pink gum balls. Bright white and pink tulips.

    Relax, relax and relax with these scrumptious sugar cookies! Cute party treats.

    This pink and green modern dessert setup presented underneath a "Sweet Dreams" banner include green and pink cookies, popcorn carried in pink retro buckets, pink lemonade in mason jars, candy in letter platters, and a perfectly frosted white cake. Present these treats on a white table to allow it green and pink platters to stand out and the pink streamers and oriental-inspired pom poms to add some festive personality.

    These perfectly fluffy and chocolaty morsels are a fun and convenient version of the traditional pancake dish into spherical form. Enjoy the deliciousness and avoid the mess at your next slumber party.

    Ignite the night by creating some bubble fun by using glow-in-the-dark soap. Slumber party fun reaches a new level with Neon bubbles in the air.

    Edible ice cream bowls is the best thing since sliced bread. After enjoying your choice of sorbet or ice cream sprinkled with chocolate chips to imitate watermelon seeds, edible green and yellow white chocolate bowls become a delicious snack and a clever dessert decor.

    Turn your slumber party into an indoor camping trip by transforming your sleeping area into a teepee with the help of colorful/patterned quilts and fluffy pillows. Make yourself at home by adding Christmas lights and pom pom hanging decorations.

    This vanity table filled with scrumptious cupcakes are garnished with pink and black marzipan nail polish bottles, bread sticks dipped in frosting and crystal sugar as q-tips, fondant imprinted with lipstick, and tiny marshmallows to disguise as cotton balls. Present these delectable on a vintage silver platter with additional edible make-up details sporadically placed.

    Turn the iconic milk and cookie combo into a classic drink by filling cocktail glasses with milk and attaching scrumptious cookies on lollipop sticks for easy stirring. Covering the edges of the cocktail glasses with rainbow sprinkles adds a colorful and elegant touch to its presentation.

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