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  • These marshmallow cuties are dipped in green and blue frosting or white chocolate. However, they aren't real aliens until you place varying sugar eyeballs.

    Impress your guests with a variety of space cookies: blue rocket ships, orange astronaut, green stars, green aliens, and a yellow crater moon. Each one are decorated with fun frosting colors and designs.

    Create a majestic dining experience by placing a glow-in-the dark blue table runner on top of a black table. On top, place clear glasses, spotless silver wear, and blue and silver plates to color coordinate.

    These three-eyed aliens are eggs that were dipped in green dye and attached with paper triangles as ears, and a paper antenna. After placing googly eyes and a smile , perch your eggs on top of blue and pink cups for a stylish and easy display.

    This two-tier cake is covered with blue fondant. On each tier fondant shapes of stars, planets, moons, and rocket ships add a galactic touch.

    Decorate your cupcakes with a swirled blue and white frosting pattern. Multi-colored stars follow the frosting swirl in a curve formation along with metallic studded sprinkles.

    Represent all the planets in their colorful forms and hung in perfect scientific alignment. Each planet is made out of a variety of Styrofoam spheres, painted in their appropriate colors, and stringed from the middle with blue string.

    Fill a large glass jar with Starburst candy squares. Tie a ribbon around with a label that spells "Star Burst" as the finishing touch.

    Feed your guests their favorite sandwiches by cutting them into stars.

    Disguise your backyard rocks by painting them in black and radioactive green paint.

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