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  • Veggie colorways are the main attraction with artichoke and beet tones in this tablescape. Long, lit plum candles stand tall among gorgeous wild flowers, succulents and carnations.

    This is an everyday Cuban treat. Have it with black coffee at brunch or as an after dinner dessert. Creamy cheese and sweet guava paste in hot bread.

    Soft pastel palette with plenty of tropical details make for a stunning event. Refreshing mojitos sit by dainty china and light peach rose bouquets.

    Seasonal dessert dressed in sweet shredded coconut.

    Bacardi is the main ingredient in this dessert. A beautifully served slice with an extra handful of walnuts on the side.

    This rice pudding is a latin dessert delicacy. Cuban style vanilla and cinammon recipe.

    Homemade cheese, chicken and beef empanadas. This typical latin treat is easy to pass around and enjoy.

    Tropical birds of paradise centerpiece surrounded by tasty sweet treats. Pinneapples and exotic fruits on the side.

    Hearty black bean and rice burger with slaw and a side of toasty garlic tostones.

    Tropical flavors come together in this rice based plate. Avocado, lime, mango, carrots, beans, plantains with cilantro on top.

    Toasty tortillas hold together chunky pieces of seasoned fish. Citrus mango slaw and chipotle lime cream on top.

    Chicken and black bean quinoa food bowl. Sweet plantains and mangos add a healthy tang.

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