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  • Fresh Sushi Rolls, Salmon, Yellow Squash, And Wasabi Served Beautifully In A Bento Box. A Hearty & Healthy Lunch.

    A Wood Sashimi Boat Filled With Assorted Pieces Of Fresh Fish Served With Wasabi Leaves. Makes For A Beautiful Table Presentation!

    Assorted Pieces Of Sushi Served On A Simple White Tray With Chopsticks. Don't Forget The Wasabi On The Side!

    Gourmet Sushi Topped With Caviar And Black Truffle Served Elegantly On A Silver Round Platter! Tres Chic Is The Presentation!

    Assorted Fresh Rolls & Sushi Served With A Side Of Wasabi In Simple Black Trays. Enough For A Party Of Two!

    Fried Calamari Rings Stuffed With Sausage & Topped With Green Onion and Prosciutto! Decadent And Modern Display On A Silver Disc!

    A Variety Of Rice Harvest Sushi With Black Truffle Served In A Wood Boat. Cute Display That Looks Appetizing!

    Sushi Napolean Squares With Avocado, Asparagus, And Cucumber Topped With A Slice Of Seaweed. Nicely Presented On A Bamboo Placemat!

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