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    Delightful party decorations and sweet treasure dessert bar look fresh from the sea! Birthday party by Fern & Maple.

    Show off your dingle hopper treasures by placing your best spoon, fork, knife on an elegant candleholder.

    A bouquet of vibrant pink/purple and green florals reveal a green mermaid tail covered with green glitter. A purple bow ties around the glass vase for a girly touch.

    Be the first to witness this rare mermaid sighting. A tailed made out of green crystal sugar and frosting stick out of it's sea of blue and white piped frosting.

    Feed your fellow mermaid friends these starfish delights. Vanilla cupcakes are piped with blue frosting to mock beautiful sea foam. Sprinkled with a couple of tiny pearl sprinkles, a peach white chocolate star perches on top.

    Create these friendly snacks with gummy orange slices. Toothpicks hold up the crabs peach ring claws on it's sides and gummy eyeballs on top. Make them a home with ground up graham crackers disguised as sand.

    Classy cheese and crackers can be more than just a snack. Classy shell shaped crackers hold a thin sheet of cheese. Each cracker and cheese combination are cracked slightly to hold an elegant pearl.

    Surprise your guests with an array of pink and purple edible coral delectable. Simply place crystal rock candy sticks in a jar filled with green and clear marbles to disguise your treats as actual coral.

    Impress your sea friends with these sparkly under water treats. Each cake pop is covered with either purple, blue, or green edible glitter sugar. For an impressive and enchanting display, insert your jeweled treats in clear vases filled with multi-colored marbles.

    Homemade white chocolate blue/white seashells & starfish are a wonderful sea delectable to feed your guests. Gradually lay them out of a plastic blue pale over smoothly ground graham cracker crumbs. Add some pearls and a fishnet below to give an extra under the sea atmospheric effect.

    Exploration awaits at the table. Fill al glass vase with beach sand, blue marbles, sea shells, and green & blue glitter coral. Personalize it by placing an initial of the party individual inside. On the outside add a nautical touch with old rope tied around the vase, glitter purple seaweed, a marble studded starfish leaning against the vase, and strings of pearls intertwined.

    Under the sea princess fun drink décor. Crown printable placed on a pinstripe straw to sip on ocean blue punch.

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