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  • Fun octopus' garden peppers and hummus. Edible green olive eyes make the finishing touch!

    Avocado Bruschetta With Trio Of Tomatos And Balsamic Reduction - Delicious Appetizer For Any Party!

    Batter-fried onions rings. Creamy balsamic ketchup ready for dipping. Yummy for the guy night out!

    A Bachelor party appetizer favorite. Spiced chipotle tortilla chips are great to dip into the tasty lime avocado dip.

    Trendy party snacks for the perfect farewell. Fried edamame wrapped in faux newspaper.

    Guests will grab handfuls of this fun appetizing party snack. Serve in casual, easy to carry bowls.

    Enjoy assorted organic veggies in a breezy outdoor setting. Green juices add to the healthy vibe.

    A rustic display of food for Thanksgiving. Thankful for the bountiful harvest of fruit and veggies. Decoration includes use of hay, wagon wheel, flowers in barn like setting.

    A Thanksgiving feast display includes the entire meal. Dishes are carefully placed around the table among small votives and red flowers in glass vases. Warm toned paisley tablecloth and leaves anchor the scene.

    Lavish assortment of vegetables on a bed of spicy mashed potatos. Sprinkled with lima beans, green beans and fresh herbs.

    Labor Day BBQ idea. Grilled corn on the cob labeled with cute dot card and placed in cardboard trays for attractive and easy carrying.

    Labor Day picnic inspiration. Colorful display of kabobs, salad and corn shown with tabletop grill - perfect when you don't have a lot of outdoor space.

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