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  • Welcome home family members with this intimate lunch décor. Quirky assorted plates, mini pumpkins, champagne glasses and plum cloth napkins all part of a busy tablescape.

    Warm and bright floral tablescape for an outdoor homecoming. Blossomed fuchsia and pale pink flowers stand in glass mason jars. Cheerul family brunch décor.

    Enjoy a meal outdoors with a rustic and woodsy tablescape featuring adorable woodland animals.

    A welcome home wreath for the front door. Heart shaped wreath is made from straw, wheat, roses, dried flowers, and leaves.

    A beautifully set table is a welcome sight. Table dressed with flowered linen cloth, white china, and crystal wine glasses, colored highball glasses and votive tea candles. Centerpiece includes multiple glass bowls with tulips and flowers and tall candlesticks for a warm glow.

    Welcome anyone home with a beautifully set table. Natural wood table and woven chairs compliment earthy dishes and organic centerpieces. Pressed glass and clear glass wine glasses complete the setting.

    A thoughtful array of food for a welcome home buffet. Table decorated in pink, green, yellow, and white with paper banner sign above. Tasty finger sandwiches and tomato skewers displayed on tiered dish. Orange drinks, cupcakes, salad, and breadsticks included in display.

    A welcome home cake covered in fondant and decorated with strawberries, bees, ladybugs, daisies, and bows.

    A delicious cake to welcome someone home. White frosting and minimal sprinkles draws attention to welcome sign across the top. Cake displayed on white cake pedistal.

    The Wizard of Oz is a perfect theme for a Welcome Home party. Dorothy's red slippers are perched on the cake as the focal point. Decorations include use of scarecrow, witch, hot air balloon and rainbow. There is no place like home.

    A colorful dessert table in pink and blue with pops of yellow. Elephant Cake is layered on top of cupcakes with cotton candy and cookies spread across the front of table for easy access. Festive paper ornaments hang from above in front of a shimmery pale fabric.

    A cheerful cake on glass pedistal. Cake is topped with welcome home sign and surrounded with dainty fresh flowers.

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