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  • Silver tableware, candlestick holders and bouquet pots add to the gothic décor. Blackberries, water and wine to start.

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    We teamed up with Sequoia Groves Wines to create a lovely wine and cheese party. This easy party is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and spend some lovely time together.

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    A wine & cheese tasting party for friends inspired by a recent trip to Napa, CA. The perfect way to  celebrate the harvest" with a monochromatic green color palette. Served a fabulous selection of small bites, curated cheeses, and fruits.

    Rustic tablescape with printed menus is gorgeous for life's celebrations; a milestone birthday or even a country wedding.

    Wine tasting party idea focusing on rose. Selection includes choices of sweet, dry, or sparkling.

    Wooden wine bar sets stage for backyard wine tasting. Handmade sign sits next to choice of red and white wines with sparkling glassware at the ready.

    Sophisticated buffet for wine tasting party includes decorative branches, wine selection, and attractive dishware.

    A nice compliment to wine tasting party, these skewers are easy to make and eat!

    Cured olives compliment a wine tasting party and look lovely with bit of orange peel.

    Warm and inviting this brick vaulted wine tasting space is the perfect venue for a party!

    Empty wine bottles grouped together and tied with gingham wrap makes easy and effective candle holder centerpiece.

    Wine tasting décor makes use of wine crates filled with grape bunches. Stack them off center for maximum effect.

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