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Sherbet colors and mid-century touches create a thoroughly modern wedding in Los Angeles

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With pastel-colored florals, woodland bunnies and delicate eggs, this Easter palette presents the spring season at its best. A party with loads of activities, decorating and dessert inspiration.

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A full Derby-themed dessert table held center stage and featured delicious sweets all in our signature color palette of yellow, blue and green.

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A modern girl's birthday party fit for an Ice Princess. A focus on a turquoise, light blue and fuschia color palette for this Frozen theme inspired party.

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This stylish kids Halloween party was centered around The Grumpy Cat. Sweet treats and desserts for the occasion. Black and white stripes and polka dots for decorative accents.

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A chic baby shower with a modern touch. A trendy, gender-neutral color palette of aqua blue, coral, and white used throughout the party. Incorporated classic baby elements throughout the event, including baby shoes, baby blocks, a chic stork, a rattle, etc. to keep the event feeling like it was to celebrate the Mama-to-be and her design aesthetic.

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A modern and casual outdoor patio Cookie Monster theme birthday party! With royal blue being the primary color and party decor accents of brown and green throughout the party. Jars of cookies and colorful desserts for all.

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A glimpse into the planning genius of Andrew Spurgin™. Your special anniversary, birthday or event starts with well crafted menus, tables and food design.

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Charming summer wedding inspiration. A neutral color scheme is highlighted with pops of pink and yellow. The personal details create an unforgettable day! Wedding by Rani Hoover.

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Which do you love more at Halloween: the Tricks or the Treats?Either way, these party ideas have all the fun and a bit of the fright too! Host a spooky bash for your brood or invite the neighbors and make it a block party. Set the mood with The Celebration Shoppe’s trick or treating monsters invitation. Decorate tables with spooktacular touches including creepy utensils, bold plates and napkins, personalized place cards, banners, cupcake toppers and top it all off with fun photo props to get your ghoulish guests giggling.

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A special occasion to remember in a pleasing palette of blue and yellow! Decorations include fresh tulips, daisies and hydrangea. The dessert bar aims to please with a range of sweets from delicious cake to popular rock candy.

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Playful mermaid themed birthday party with festive turquoise and pink décor. Blue balloons and clear bubbles add to the aquatic mood. A tiered mermaid cake with scales is a showstopper!

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